Friday, February 8, 2013

Hobby: Horsing Around

The little one's really into carousels and horses, so I thought I'd make a pair of hobby horses (one for my toddler + playmate = no fighting) as a surprise gift for this coming saturday. It was also the perfect project for utilizing some nice broomstick handles I'd found and had been saving for just the right rainy day craft.

Here's my tutorial for a sweet hobby horse of your own:

  • 1 Sock (mine: homeless socks roaming the house for one reason or another)
  • 1 Wooden Dowel (mine: weather-worn broom handles found on the street)
  • 2 Buttons (1 large Felt pattern button, 1 smaller button, matching holes)
  • Super Thick Yarn (Lion brand Thick and Quick)
  • Poly Fill
  • 2 Different Colors of Felt (for ears)
  • 2 (1")D rings
  • 2' of Grosgrain Ribbon 1" width, (mine: Pottery Barn gift box ribbon)
  • 1 Embroidery Needle
  • Needle and Thread
  • Scissors
  • Drill 

Step 1 Stack the 2 buttons and sew onto either side of your sock. Then stuff the sock tightly with poly fill up to the heel so it's firm and not floppy.  I like to stuff a little extra in the cheeks to make it look more true to life.

Step 2  Using the embroidery needle, thread the extra thick yarn. Do not cut the string. Pull it through the top of the "neck". I allowed for approx 4-5" lengths after knotting. Cut. Repeat in a single line down the neck until you're satisfied with the plushness of your mane. 

I added a random, wider spread of yarn up front to cover the threadbare nature of my sock.

Step 3 Cut out a bigger and slightly smaller "tall" triangle out of the felt sheets for a bit of ear detailing. The big triangle is approx 4"h x 3"w. Nest one inside the other, then take the two bottom corners of the triangle and overlap them "fortune cookie style" and sew onto either side of your sock.

Step 4 Place the sock over the wood dowel. Mark where it ends.  Remove sock. Drill a hole approx. 1" up from the mark. Place sock back over the dowel and stuff poly fill around the stick so it's centered. 

Step 5 Now thread more yarn. Run it from one side of the sock, through the hole, and out the other side. Then wrap tightly and tie off.

Step 6  Thread the ribbon through the D rings as shown below. Wrap around the noseband. Cut to size, centering the two ends under the chin. Then sew together, attaching it to the sock. 

Step 7  Now sew a little seam under the flat of the D, attaching the the ribbon to the sock. This will keep the ring in place. Loop and sew one end of the remaining ribbon through a D ring. Then with the loose end of the ribbon go around the outside of the pole to the other side. Loop and sew around the other D ring.



  1. This is a great tutorial and a great horse! would love to see more.

  2. you are so awesome!! these are so super cute! xo hugs to you and oo!